Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reason: Sean Malone's "No Vans Land": How a Small Businessman Beat NYC's Public Transit Union

[VIDEO] Often on this blog, I have shared stories from Reason which is a libertarian magazine that often does stories such as this. The interview with Sean Malone is mostly talking about a project he's doing about an NYC entrepreneur who is taking on the NYC transit authority as his business of moving people with vans have run afoul of NYC transit unions and NY City Council. The entrepreneur himself is Hector Ricketts who is a Jamaican immigrant and ultimately saw a need caused by insufficient transit services to healthcare worked by the NYC transit.

Later in this story it was noted that removal of some regulations when it comes to cosmetology in Mississippi - that is you're testing on cosmetology however you're not tested on hair braiding - caused an increase of jobs as shops opened specifically for hair braiding. The lesson, regulations may be OK in some instances however more regulations may not be very good for business.

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