Sunday, April 14, 2013

More about "Dallas"

My mother was a fan of Dallas. I knew it was on but when that show was at it's height of popularity it was way too adult for me. Probably couldn't understand half of what they were doing.

It wasn't until I graduated from high school (GO FALCONS) and started attending a community college in downtown Chicago that I really began watching the series. At the time the show aired on this network known as TNN (The Nashville Network) which is the network that eventually become Spike and Dallas certainly fit the whole country music motif.

Once I made the comment that Dallas was a good way to learn business although yeah we're talking about a drama series here. Real life is a long way from what we find in that series although hey sometimes we can be surprised!

BTW, years ago visiting my brother who currently lives in Texas we dropped by Southfork. Somewhere in my archives I have a picture. Back then when I think of that proud US state I think of Walker, Texas Ranger. Now my expectation will be on finding the Ewings.

It's going to go from, I'm expecting fireworks to where's JR & Bobby Ewing. Probably wouldn't run into them at Southfork! lol

BTW, looking forward to the last two episodes of the current season of the new series. What will be the conclusion to JR's "masterpiece".

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