Tuesday, February 26, 2013

VIDEO: Is America becoming Europe?

[VIDEO] This video I found interesting. Consider this today's food for thought. A comparison between Europe and the United States. There are big government leftists who see the socialist models of European nations as the inspiration for what they hope to bring to this nation. The video points to the things that makes this nation different and sets us a part from the Europeans.

So we may ask if America is losing what made this nation great in the first place?

This makes me want to read Democracy in America by Alexis Du Tocqueville. That seminal book is duly noted in this video and while I do have that physical book in my library I've yet to take the take to read. It's time that I do so.

This video is today's food for thought.

Hat-tip The Other McCain! That post was written by a blogger named Smitty who answered this question in the blog title with this response, "Yes".

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