Monday, December 10, 2012

Capitol Fax: Alvarez defends “false confession capital”

[VIDEO] I missed this edition of 60 Minutes last night and it's making splash currently over at the Capitol Fax today and also Tribune columnist Eric Zorn criticized Anita Alvarez who as State's Attorney is the chief prosecutor in Cook County, IL. Since this story came out this hasn't looked very good for her. Zorn outright said she humiliated herself! Rich Miller thinks this interview is akin to political suicide.

The issue chronicled in this episode was the large number of false - well wouldn't forced be more accurate -  confessions that has taken place in Chicago over the years. Alvarez was first elected to as State's Attorney in 2008 and in some circles is well known for her stance on guns chronicled in her election year appearance on Public Affairs with Jeff Berkowitz [VIDEO].

Zorn even mentioned a recent grand jury indictment against a nephew of former Mayor Daley. He said it embarrassed Alvarez and perhaps it was embarrassing because she couldn't control that. The nephew who was recently arraigned had plead not guilty in a death that was a result of a bar fight. BTW, the hits keep coming as the case would be heard by a Daley ally!

I aired some dirty laundry here so let me stop. I wonder if any day now we're either going to hear called for Alvarez's resignation. Not sure that we will, but perhaps it should be put out there. Let's not forget she was also re-elected last month to her current job!

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amorro said...

Finally Anita Alvarez practices are brought to light. The public first got a taste of her stubbornness in her adamant enforcement of the controversial eavesdropping law. Albeit the Seventh Circuit Ruling and the setbacks she had regarding that law, she's still appealing the Melongo's case at the Illinois Supreme Court! (No. 114852)

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