Friday, December 14, 2012

Capitol Fax: Alvarez complains about “60 Minutes” story

Anita Alvarez
Alvarez, Cook County State's Attorney is attempting to punch back after the interview she had on CBS' 60 Minutes. As a matter of fact you can watch the story she was interviewed in right here on this blog.

Rich Miller on his blog does a round up of all stories related to Alvarez' defense. He doesn't seem to think that she did a good job defending herself. Indeed he further states that she could've advanced legislation that could've prevented false conviction such as what was chronicled in that 60 Minutes edition:
If she’s really so interested in preventing more of these horrific cases of false juvenile imprisonment, she’d help come up with a solution. So far, nothing.
Then opens her up to another charge, she's not interested in making big changes and only maintain the status quo.

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