Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shooting at a Connecticut school on Friday

[VIDEO] This incident occurred on my birthday. A man decided on Friday to go to an elementary school and shoot it up and killed adults and children alike. What has been learned of the suspect other than the fact that he killed himself and his mother is that his brother claimed he had some type of personality disorder.

Many people around the nation are very sad about this incident and wishes to send prayers to this town in Connecticut where this occurred. If this happened at my old elementary school I'd certainly be extremely upset. Too shoot up an elementary school for any reason is unfathomable.

Since the suspect killed himself at the scene perhaps we may never know what drove him to do this. He snapped and wasn't aware of what he was doing or maybe he did. Who knows?

The thing is, whatever happened in this man's head it changed a number of lives forever. Now we're left with two questions. Do we need more gun control? What can we do about the mentally ill?

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