Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recovery plan chart...

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The chart above is what this election is all about. The Romney campaign will use the economy as an attack against the President. Here we see where Obama expected the unemployment rate to be with the "Recovery plan" passed during his administration and then also charted are expected unemployment without the Recovery plan and the actual unemployment rate.

It was provided by the AEI Ideas blog and was shown on Instapundit today.

FTR, I try to believe that a President can't truly effect the economy by his own administrations policies. No President can truly be responsible for the economy as it may take years before his policies have an impact. However, it is possible that the President can effect policies that could affect the economy. Will this could go for any executive in this nation who knows that in order to bring in revenue for their particular level of government you have to be business friendly.

Then again the question is whether or not Obama's administration is business friendly. What do you think?

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