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Saturday, June 16, 2012


When I started this blog in 2005, it was to force myself to write. Mostly it was to be about politics and perhaps some other things of great interest. I especially decided to write a little something about the Black experience and even about Morehouse during my time there.

Sometimes it feels like my writing falls off. In the past it seems I actually wrote more. These days it seems like I'm forcing myself to comment on an article or two. This blog has often taken a look at the news with excerpting from articles or whatever. For the most part it's not me writing blog posts without having to excerpt an article.

Like everything else there is an evolution. Things must change! This blog in 2005 was different from 2006 when it was noticed by a well-read state political blogger. It probably stayed that way for two years before I started a more neighborhood centric blog in late 2007. This forced me to have to change the focus of this blog to much broader topics!

Also, I talk more about myself here recently than had been done during the course of this blog. This is considered a hobby of mine and this is as close to a personal site as it's going to get.

There are some posts I have in mind. In fact one is only a draft and it's a bit about my background. Another post that I have in mind is a contrived conservative biography. It talks about my background but certainly with the idea that I haven't had it so bad nor that great!

My point is that it's probably time to just start writing. Time to find a way to freestyle some posts. And I don't just mean posting a video or a picture just to create material. It is my mind and while you get a piece of it when you read this blog it's time to see more of what's on my mind!

Although you can always see what I have in mind on my twitter account @levois

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