Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Speaking of the L...

[VIDEO] The big news this week in the Chicago Transit Authority is that the Dan Ryan portion or "Red Line South" of the CTA Red Line from approximately Cermak-Chinatown to 95th Street will be shut down for an overhaul for approximately 5 months starting in May 2013. That means CTA will set up express bus routes and passengers may want to consider some other commuting options.

This post will show a video from our local CBS affiliate about why this is necessary and how bad a shape the Dan Ryan line is. Though basically we also learned that just shutting that line down would be cheaper and certainly a bit faster than keeping it open and trying to work around the trains in service. It's expected to be a win in doing it this way.

Time will tell although unfortunately I will be affected. Does anyone have an auto they want to sell?

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