Saturday, November 26, 2011

Electronic Village: What Has Barack Obama Done for Black Folks?

There is a list of accomplishments provided here of President Obama. What's more important is the symbolism of the Presidents ascension as a man of color at least to a lot of people who aren't of the predominant group of people in this nation.

I'm sure many who read this blog would challenge this list of accomplishments Obama has during his tenure in office. I'm sure many would take aim as the "Affordable Care Act" being one of those things that many who oppose Obama would point a finger at easily. Still the conclusion:
The challenges faced by President Obama have been unique and powerful -- two traditional wars, war on terrorism, BP oil spill, natural disasters, near-depression level economic, high unemployment and a do-nothing Congress. Yet, he continues to fight for us. At the end of the day I suspect that the Black community is going to realize that Barack Obama is a better choice for a second term as our president than any of the folks currently running for the GOP nomination.
I would hit Obama on his handling of the economy. I don't agree with any bailouts and the stimulus program doesn't appear to have produced any desired results as stimulating the economy and providing jobs. That's the main thing with me jobs. We have a long way to go in undoing the damage of the financial crisis that brought Obama into the White House in 2009.

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