Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I haven't followed very closely the sexual harassment allegations against GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain. I barely paid attention to the time his wife was interviewed by Greta Van Susterin on FOX News to talk about these allegations against her husband. In fact there was about to be a post about the response of certain people on Twitter who had attended school in the AUC who certainly had something to say about Mrs. Cain and her alma mater!

In any case, while the allegations keep coming and apparently has gone so far as not only sexual harassment but of an affair. That news just came out Monday and it seems Cain might have expected it enough to say so in an interview on CNN that same day.

To be sure, while Herman Cain also attended Morehouse it's not a reason for me to vote for him. He is obviously very well spoken and very successful in his lifetime. In fact he spoke to the Men of Morehouse at a Crown Forum, the year he ran for a US Senate seat in his home state of Georgia, he spoke a lot about his success. Perhaps he will consider doing so again and talk to Morehouse Republicans.

At the same time whether or not these allegations of sexual harassment or of an affair wouldn't dissuade me from voting for him either. That only means that I was never leaning towards him as a potential President of the United States and it's mainly because he hasn't had a very successful political career so far. As stated earlier he ran for US Senate from Georgia and lost in the Republican primary to current US Senator Johnny Isakson.

In my case, Cain was never going to be my man. While this latest allegation is certainly very damning it appears to be a "hatchet" job. I'm not so sure Cain is headed to the presidency, but someone is putting this information out there for a reason!

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