Friday, August 19, 2011

CTA Tattler: Habitual Red Line panhandler swings his cane at motorwoman

If you make a commute on the CTA Red Line you will run into panhandlers. Generally beggars or salesman and this would've been perfect for the Flip camera I bought last month.
It is the same blind panhandler from 40 minutes ago. When he tries to get away by boarding the southbound train on the other side of the platform, the motorwoman holds up her arms and states, "I have called the supervisor and the CTA transit police units, and you're not going anywhere!"

With that, the blind law breaker swings his cane like a samurai sword to hit the motorman, but misses.

Almost from nowhere, a woman in a long white T-shirt and very dirty jeans, who acts if she in partnership with this flim-flammer, gets hold of the cane-swinging blind panhandler and helps him up the stairs for a quick getaway.

The motorwoman waits to see if the police or supervisor are coming to the rescue. After five minutes of waiting she get back on the train and heads north again.
As much as I wish something can be done about this issue, what can be said? They have to enjoy the public transit system like everybody else, especially if they pay their fare!

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