Sunday, August 21, 2011

Man wins handgun lawsuit in Chicago...

[VIDEO] I think this story should go over to The Sixth Ward. This past Saturday a neighborhood organization was expected to play host to the new Chicago Police superintendent Garry McCarthy. He never showed however and in his place a local district police commander fielded questions of course some questions were fielded to McCarthy.

In any event one question that this police commander wouldn't touch is one about concealed carry. It was an issue that recieved a vote in the state legislature in Illinois but there are many who continue to believe concealed carry is still dangerous and Gov. Quinn vetoed the measure this year.

Of course while Chicago's gun ban was repealed last year after the US Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional. This story underscores how difficult it still is to legally own a firearm in Chicago. There are no gun ranges here and no gun shops. Even though there was a recent move to allow gun ranges this story indicates there are some difficulty in even that as well the city wants gun ranges away from residential areas, schools, and located in mostly industrial areas.

Well industry is no longer king here in Chi-town so it would be difficult to find such sites here anymore unless they had been long vacant and undeveloped for years.

Either way it's safe to say even under a new Mayor Chicago may well continue to be unfriendly to anyone who wishes to own a gun at home.

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