Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Publius Forum is glad to see Ron Paul go....

Ron Paul a long-time Texas Congressman has decided to focus his attention on his Presidential bid instead of seeking re-election to his US House seat. There are a few people who are happy because they aren't very happy about some of his views on foreign policy and probably on the Federal Reserve as well.

For example Publius Forum:
I'd say we are safe to start writing the obit for Paul's career, so what is the Paul legacy? A hit-and-miss libertarianism, constant attacks on Jews and the Federal Reserve, complaints about federal spending, while culling billions of federal tax dollars in earmarks for his constituents in Texas. But no real lasting legacy, I’d say.

In fact, I'd say his best legacy is his more levelheaded son, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

I won’t miss his half-informed fanboys who have for at least ten years descended on nearly every Republican or conservative conference stuffing straw poll ballot boxes with votes all paid for by Paul's multi-million dollar campaign war chest. I also won’t miss his fans and their overly confrontational attitudes and ignorant, raucous behavior. Most especially, I won't miss their anti-Semitism and hatred for Jews.
Hmmm, I had little idea that Ron Paul has said anything against the Jews. I wish I could see some examples. Also kudos to Publius for allowing a compliment on Paul's son Rand who is currently in the US Senate from Kentucky.

We can agree on one main point, I'm not sure the nation is ready for Ron Paul's brand of libertarianism. To be honest though now is the time to advocate for libertarianism. If progressivism and conservatism have had their day it's about time for the libertarians.

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