Sunday, February 06, 2011

Ronald Reagan would've been 100 years old

I wrote about him in year one. Back then it was only less than a year after  his state funeral that I'm sure was watched by many of his admirers. I don't consider myself a fan but I watched as much of the festivities as I could during that period of time.

It was probably the first state funeral for a former President I had ever seen. It could've been Nixon, but thanks to how he left the White House a state funeral for him may well have been inappropriate.

All the same, Reagan was liked by a great many people. The left may not like him, but certainly his influence is unquestioned on the right. Reagan brought an optimism to the White House that wasn't seen during the preceding four years under his predecessor Jimmy Carter.

I barely remember the 1980s which was the decade of his Presidency, but when the decade was over I regretted that I hadn't experienced enough of it.

This year is his centennial birthday and people are celebrating it like they are another Illinois President, Abraham Lincoln, in 2009. Lincoln would've been over 200 years old if he were still with us today. It seemed like a year or two before his birthday there were festivities planned until his actual 200th birthday. There aren't any long celebrations for Reagan, but apparently his Presidency is of note and worthy of a centennial birthday note.

BTW, I will have a post of interest up later today. I had no idea that Reagan briefly lived in the Hyde Park neighborhood. So he was a Chicagoan briefly, however, it didn't work out for his family as they moved once again. In any case stay tuned for that.

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