Saturday, August 21, 2010

Car Lust: Cadillac Catera

You know my mother owned both a Catera and it's cousin the Cimarron. Over a year ago the Car Lust blog talked about the Cimarron. It was already known by me that the Cimarron was nothing more than a luxury Chevy Cavalier.

You couldn't say that so easily with the Catera. It was inspired by German designed cars, but Car Lust says that it more or less resembled similar GM autos such as the Pontiac Grand Am or the Chevy Malibu. Another issue with that car was that compared to other Cadillacs the Catera design was boring. Also it was mechanically unreliable as well.

Of course the Catera's immediate successor was the CTS. Not a lot of complaints about it from Car Lust so far, but I'm sure there is a post about CTS in its future.

My mom owned a Cimarron similar to this!

She also owned a Catera smiliar to this!
Hat-tip Instapundit!

OH YEAH! I had the pleasure of driving the Catera, but in those days I only had an instruction permit. I drove it around the city, but only very rarely. I must say however that on several occasions the car just shut down on us when we did drive it around the city. Thankfully we weren't too far away where we didn't have long to wait for a bus.

In fact one time we were just down the street from the house when the Catera broke down, although in a different neighborhood. There was some lady who may have been on something. This woman was yelling and playing ballerina on a busy street that night!

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