Saturday, July 10, 2010

Blago cursed us out

In some of those wiretaps that he insisted would clear him. They may or may not clear him, but they sure make him look much worse. He may have no idea what may or may not be on those wiretaps.
Rod Blagojevich's approval ratings had tanked and he was furious. Illinois voters were ingrates, the former governor complained to an aide on an undercover recording played at his corruption trial Thursday.

"I (expletive) busted my ass and pissed people off and gave your grandmother a free (expletive) ride on a bus. OK? I gave your (expletive) baby a chance to have health care," Blagojevich ranted. "And what do I get for that?" he continued, "Only 13 percent of you all out there think I'm doing a good job. So (expletive) all of you."

However Blagojevich perceived himself, wiretap and witness accounts from several close advisers portray the former governor as the antithesis of a dedicated, hard-driving public servant.
I was just listening to a podcast of Chicago Now blogger Jim Laski, the disgraced former City Clerk of Chicago, who said that Blago (often referred to as Ousted governor on this blog) forgot where he came from. He thought he was all that and a bag of chips and ditched his father-in-law who helped him get elected to anything in the first place. Whether he wanted to be loved or not, fact is he was a lousy Governor. He was inept in his politics.

And you know I'm sorry that I haven't been following this trial bit by bit. I saw all the camera crews for the first day, but that's all. Surely we've heard a lot of goodies coming out of this case. We know that he put his family in debt because they choose wardrobes over their daughters' future education. We also know that Blago look no further than the link that provided the excerpt above to see that he was rarely in the office enough to make the big decisions we expect a state governor to make.

Unfortunately we elected him twice! The signs that this impending brush with the criminal justice system. We also found out that he wasn't hard at work for the good of our state. Yet he got re-elected.

You know if only 2006 was like 2010. Gov. Quinn is in it for himself for a change and it looks like he won't keep his mouth shut  with regards to the US Senate Candidate Alexi Giannoulis. Apparently it doesn't look good for him to benefit from not having to pay his income taxes as well! But if only in 2006, the Democratic machine hadn't been unwilling to rock the boat.

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