Thursday, July 08, 2010

Obama hopes star joins hometown Bulls

Hmmm this reminds me of what happened when Chicago attempted to host the 2016 Olympics and Obama made a special trip to Europe to lobby the committee who decided the host city. It didn't work out and a lot of people just said that Obama repelled the committee.

Let's just say that I do hope LeBron James comes to the Bulls. I may actually become a fan again if he does, but let's hope that the President doesn't cause LeBron to go elsewhere.
LeBron James' much-anticipated decision about what team he will play for next season was even on the president's mind Wednesday, and he hasn't wavered in his stance.

Press secretary Robert Gibbs said the topic came up during White House meetings, with Barack Obama mulling how Chris Bosh's decision to join Dwyane Wade with the Miami Heat might affect James' thinking on the eve of his expected announcement.

Gibbs said Obama's preference continues to be that the NBA superstar join the Bulls, the president's adopted hometown team.

"The president still believes that he would look quite good in a Bulls uniform," Gibbs told reporters, echoing comments Obama made during a May interview on TNT. Gibbs then joked that the president might be charged with tampering.

There's also that matter of politics. Ohioans are understandably preoccupied with James' decision, hoping the Akron native remains with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Given the Buckeye State's bellwether status in presidential elections, isn't it risky for Obama to be on record supporting James' defection to another city?

"I think ... the people of Ohio and the rest of the country would respect that the president's going to root for the team he's always rooted for," Gibbs said.
Oh snap! Sports and politics converging. This may all be speculation, but perhaps the Bulls-fan-in-chief needs to keep his preferences to himself. Especially if he may have a tough election bid in the next two years.

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