Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Non Tradition Markets, Non Traditional Clients

Hmmm, what can I say? The Woodlawn Wonder of I Hate My Developer talks about riding the CTA Red Line to downtown. Well I have noticed as she had that it seems the vendors who likes to operate on the Red Line during the day rarely panhandle their wares beyond downtown at least. If they're not panhandling they're begging.

The next question is what is it with the Dan Ryan line that sees that type of activity?

Well she mentioned seeing a white guy doing some panhandling as the train headed south of Roosevelt Road. Well Roosevelt Road just so happens to be the South Loop and since that's the new hot neighborhood there is a lot of activity at that stop.

Anyway, she won't even venture a guess that the police are selectively enforcing the law only north of Roosevelt Road, but she makes a general comment about the state of the economy. She sees that we're seeing white people in some "very traditional south side institutions". Therefore it just shows her that we're not going to be coming out of this recession anytime soon. BTW, the south side for the most part is largely populated by Blacks.

You know it almost seems like a racial comment, but only a general commentary. I won't say that the police aren't enforcing the panhandling laws on the CTA Dan Ryan route of the Red Line. At the same time, she's only noting the times we are living in right now.

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