Saturday, July 10, 2010

2nd lawsuit targets Chicago gun ordinance

Well since I'm not in the know amongst the 2nd Amendment supporting community this came as a bit of a surprise, however, this shouldn't have been unexpected at all. There were other lawsuits about the restrictions on Chicagoans right to own a gun especially since they can carry a gun either onto their porches or into their garages. But also the new gun ordinance in Chicago prohibits gun shops within the city limits:
A man who wants to open a gun shop in Chicago is taking the city to federal court over its tough new gun control ordinance that also bans gun dealers from the city.

The lawsuit filed Friday follows another lawsuit filed in response to the ordinance passed this month that imposes strict rules on gun owners. The ordinance was passed in response to a Supreme Court decision that made the city's handgun ban unenforceable.

Like a previous lawsuit by four Chicagoans and gun sellers group, this one filed by a suburban Chicago gun dealer Joe Franzese argues the new ordinance is unconstitutional.

City officials argue banning gun shops is legal, saying it doesn't infringe on the right to own a gun because there are many gun shops near the city.
That AP article was very brief so I just copied the whole thing.

Anyway, I look at it in terms of possible revenue the city may be losing out on. If the city are suffering from budget deficits then why shut out any possible entrepreneur who wants to open a gun store? This could only contribute in some way to any possible tax revenue the city can use in this current time.

BTW, let's note that Mayor Daley in his campaign against guns has targeted gun stores. Not sure about the rationale only that he may believe that they contribute to violence in this city. I think overtime protests have been organized near suburban gun stores, specificially one in Riverdale, Illinois.

You know this should be a Supreme Court case too, but I don't have a great understanding of how a court challenge becomes a US Supreme Court case. Can a community decide what businesses can or can't open in their community? I would generally say no, however that battle was recently put to rest with regards to Wal-Mart.

Think about it. There were those who didn't support Wal-Mart because of their beliefs that they don't pay their workers enough or offer enough benefits and what-not. That battle was lost by those opposed to Wal-Mart and we may see more Wal-Marts in the future within the city.

Should the city actively ban gun shops with its city limits? I say no to that as well.

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