Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another virtual trip to Detroit

Take a look at this link from the Detroit Free Press. There are plenty of maps with proposals to reshape Detroit for the future. This sure fits in with any possible plans to shrink the city.

What that entails is closing some public schools, demolishing abandoned homes and buildings (even if it means demolishing entire neighborhoods), creating urban farms, and even building a new light rail line.

Check out the diagrams and text of what's going on up there here!

The Urbanophile takes a look at Detroit. We always look at what's wrong with Detroit, especially with an eye towards the decay in Detroit. That was something I saw when I was there last summer.

Urbanophile offers some positives for Detroit complete with some pictures of very nice homes there. Of course this is not to take away from those problems that may exist there, however, it's safe to say that Detroit may have something to work with up that way.

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