Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Seattle bus beating

This video is disturbing. A young lady is beaten while security guards are just telling the beater to stop. The other young lady doing the beating doesn't care one bit that others are seeing her in the act!

I haven't figured out the whole story. I think the victim here attempted to inform authorities, actual police officers, and they wouldn't act upon her concerns. Who knows why but please know that she has a pair of attorneys looking into her case.

As for the perpetrators the fact that this young girl didn't care who saw her do the beating says as much about her as it does anyone else. The security guards were plain lazy in this one, a person was in need and they refused to lift a finger to stop the attack.

I just got to say that I was that young once. That is really one hell of a time to make a decision that could affect the rest of your life. The young lady who was on tape doing the beating will have a record and it may not be likely that she'll beat the rap. She may believe she might beat the rap, but she won't. She pleaded not guilty.

Like I said to make such a decision such as this, it'll affect her for the rest of her life. What makes anyone think it's OK to beat someone within an inch of their life and take their property?

BTW, I saw a report about this on O'Reilly last night!

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