Thursday, February 18, 2010

The ECW brand is history

I recently found out that ECW, a WWE brand that airs on SyFy is no more. It started off interestingly enough, it was a revival of the ECW of old, unfortunately with a twist provided by WWE. It had many of the old ECW superstars mixed with WWE superstars and WWE production values.

Unfortunately I never did have instant access to it unless I had the cable package where I could watch it on TV. What I was able to watch I didn't really like it all that much. Had to get used to Sabu talking and it was just another WWE program.

Even worse it almost turned into Sunday Night Heat. It wasn't that good by any stretch. Originally the creative force behind this program was to be former ECW owner Paul Heyman, but he ran afoul of his boss who has his own vision. Eventually if it was to be an ECW revival it became a shadow of the original vision.

It all started with 2005's ECW: One Night Stand. Then there was another one the next year with the intent to revive this brand and then it fell flat as time went one.

Well to this rendition I say good riddance. But to the ECW of old I say thank you.

The old ECW changed the business. WWE had to change it's creative direction so did WCW in fact. Alas I got in on this trend much too late, but I was glad to have followed ECW until the bitter end when it went bankrupt.

One parting question, who will take ECW's lead in the future? What will be the next creative direction the wrestling business will go?

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