Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Why yes, I am with Coco!!!!

Are you with Coco?

BTW, Bill O'Reilly talked about this on his FOX show last night. They showed clips of the various late night hosts talking about this situation. Jay Leno had his zingers, Conan of course had his zingers, Craig Ferguson well no zinger but a general criticism of NBC for the handling of this situation.

Letterman had some good zingers himself. Years ago he was in the running for Tonight. That job ultimately went to Leno. In his monologue one night he said that he had still been passed over for The Tonight Show and his no. 1 of his "Top Ten" was that it's so bad at NBC they even considered him. Well it's better to see the video than for me to tell you guys.

I know there are more important issues to consider right now. The state of the economy, health care, or even the war in Afghanistan. This story is more compelling, but not just because some people believe it's all contrived by agents and what not!

Still I'M WITH COCO!!!!

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