Saturday, January 23, 2010

ATL Mayor says Obama stimulus not working

Newly minted Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed says this about Obama's stimulus:
"What we said ... was that the method they used for disbursing the first stimulus dollars was wrong," said new Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed, one of more than 200 mayors who met with the president and other administration officials at the White House. "That approach just did not work."

Thursday's meeting between members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors and the White House comes amid signs that -- despite improvement in the nation's economy overall -- the country's cities are still suffering.

A report issued by the mayors' group this week showed the bulk of the nation's unemployed are in cities. It also predicts that most cities won't see a return to pre-recession employment levels until at least 2013. Metro Atlanta is home to about 60 percent of Georgia's unemployed, according to the report. It also shows that Atlanta is among the country's hardest-hit cities economically.
Reed and other mayors want Washington to change the way economic stimulus money and other federal aid are distributed.

About 80 percent of stimulus money has gone directly to state governments, they say. Instead of being used to create new jobs, the bulk of the money has been used to save existing state government jobs -- teachers, law enforcement and others -- and for shoring up sagging state budgets.

If more money would flow directly to cities, the mayors' group contends, it could be used for local improvement projects that would create more jobs.
It was noted in this article is that Reed was a big Obama supporter and responded favorably to Obama's comments on Thursday when he said that he knows America's cities needs help.

With that in mind this just hasn't been a good week for President Obama has it? Is it possible that the President can turn this around?

BTW, I first heard about this on Hannity! I may not like to listen to his radio program or the fact that he seems to be a whiner sometimes his TV program on FOX News is a worthwhile program to watch.

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