Sunday, November 29, 2009

I remember the Bozo show

On the morning of Thanksgiving when normally I would either be watching Jerry Springer, Hawaii Five-0, or even Steve Wilkos there was a special on the Bozo show on WGN. It was very good seeing the evolution of a classic Chicago produced children's program. I would have had no idea there were two Bozo's as I watched the program during it's waning years.

In fact on mornings before I went to school I would often have the TV on WGN and watch "Bozo's Circus". Thankfully I often had the luxury of not having very far to go when it was time for me to be in class. More often than not I was late, however, it may well have been that I wasn't very enthusiastic about school in those days. Daytime TV was more often than not a treat to enjoy especially since more often that not I was going to school.

Sometimes I miss these more children's oriented programming that aired in the mornings or the afternoons during the week. Things change unfortunately and as a result these days we see more news, talk shows, court shows, or even reruns on any given time during the day. Some of that seems almost like pollution with no given value to the viewer other than something to watch. I would especially direct that statement toward the talk and court shows as in the past decade there has been a proliferation of such programming.

Bozo was funny but the humor just wasn't doing it for me anymore at some point. Cartoons well I miss those the most whether it was WGN or FOX 32. You don't really see either Looney Tunes, Woody Woodpecker, Popeye, or even Tom & Jerry anymore. I don't even watch Cartoon Network if they even have those programs on the schedule.

All this to say that while there are those who can go WAY back with what used to be on TV during the day, I've witnessed the tail end of those days. Sometimes times do change, and it's often a good thing. At the same time I long for the days where I could watch those programs during the day that I used to enjoy!

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