Monday, August 03, 2009

Black Caucus office tagged with racial graffiti

I saw this story over the weekend, but I wondered where to put it. I'll go ahead and put it here, but I have one question about this incident. What caused this?
Authorities in Springfield have revealed that someone recently marked an office of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus with racial graffiti.

State Rep. Esther Golar, a Chicago Democrat, said Friday that the graffiti -- a single word in one area and a phrase in another -- were discovered as the organization's secretary left work at the office near the Statehouse last week.

Springfield Deputy Police Chief Clay Dowis, says the incident, listed as a criminal defacement and hate crime, occurred between July 22 and 24th. He says it is under investigation.
If you want to know about the Illinois' Black Caucus go here, unfortunately there is no longer an official website so Wikipedia it is.

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