Monday, June 22, 2009

Unconventional Wisdom is back!

You know I now will have three blogs that I regularly post to. Each of them will have their own specific subjects or topics to discusss.

This blog that I have been posting to since January 2005 may well need a new focus. It was my blog to discuss current events and politics in addition to my own personal background. If you couldn't tell by my tell you probably would think it was little more than a personal website that talked about nothing more than myself than anything else going on in the world.

These days I have other avenues and they have gained more recognition of late than this blog. Especially posting at either Illinoize and now Gaper's Block. Also I have The Sixth Ward that I started in November 2007.

Well I explained the purpose of starting this blog over four years ago. The Sixth Ward was started to look at issues not only at a neighborhood level, but also to follow state & local politics. That was the specific purpose of starting the blog and am thankful for the help of one JP Paulus who was a frequent commenter here during 2007.

Unconventional Wisdom is basically going to be a blog that will look at issues at the national or world level. Another purpose is to experiment with the Wordpress platform. Maybe one day this blog and The Sixth Ward may one day be ported onto Wordpress. Blogger is a great beginning program, however, at some point depending on what else is in store there may be a need to switch platforms and really learn essentially how to be a webmaster and be responsible for the webspace on which the blog resides.

This blog well I always wanted it to return to its starting roots. I may still discuss a variety of events, however, I want to use this blog to force myself to write essentially columns or essays. I may not do that everyday and perhaps every once in a while I may just post a short blurb of something I thought interesting, since I do spend a lot of time on the PC. Perhaps I could use this blog to post original photographs and videos. Well I have been a fan of videoblogging, but never found the time of the patience. I do want to start even if most of what I may tape isn't groundbreaking.

Anyway just some ideas for the future and more places where you can see my future works!

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