Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obnoxious talking people on the train!

I can't stand it when people are loud and on their phone. What makes it worse is that they're loud with their profane language. No one wants to hear their drama on the L!

Most of this woman's drama was about some dude and she claims he ain't nothing and will tell him so to his face. The way she was talking and the language she uses she may be oblivious to the fact that perhaps her own behavior is what drives people away. Especially the men who may not be the dead beat that she's really talking down on the phone.

A couple of people got as far away from her as possible as she was really loud on the phone. You know if someone dared to say something to her she'd have a fit, like who are you. But she's the one being inconsiderate of her surroundings!


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