Thursday, January 29, 2009 Aims New Ad at African-Americans

I found this on January 20th, the day of Obama's inauguration. They just discussed this on the O'Reilly Factor with the idea that this was a brilliant ad. I also understand that this also aired on BET on the day of Obama's inauguration.

Anyway, I don't know how anyone who reads this blog feels about the issue of abortion, however, this is great towards the man group whom this blog is largely aimed at, Blacks. So I show this ad here, and I hope someone out there has an opinion.

This morning, a national grassroots group dedicated to educate and inspire Catholic voters, will take its pro-life message directly to an audience that has been ravaged by abortion policies in the United States. has created a new television commercial supporting life and has purchased advertising time on BET, Black Entertainment Television, to air it. BET has dedicated much of its program content to covering the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama. Industry analysis expects African-Americans to watch BET's coverage disproportionately to other news channels today.

Rather than extol the ad and the way it makes the subject relevant to the African-American community, you can see the ad below or visit for the HD version.

I'm thinking about posting this at the 6th Ward. This is already a touchy issue. I'm sure there are many black who are opposed to abortion, but I would like to see the prevailing opinion on this.

The 6th is definitely targeted towards a black audience, even if that audience is largely a neigborhood or city audience. This blog well it might be more Chicago-centric although I would like to seek out a much broader audience than that.

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Anonymous said...

The abortion issue to me always boils down to a mother's choice to carry and eventually raise a child. Obama's mother wasn't a teenage high school dropout, she wasn't poorly educated or extremely disadvantaged. Obama, who didn't grow up with his father, did have the advantage of seeing a stable and loving couple through his PARENTS. This ad says a lot about what the non-black Catholic think "liberals" say about aborted children. Obama went to private schools in Indonesia and Hawaii, not the fabled 'inner city' His 'broken' home was populated by a loving, and socially active mother and grandparents. Many children don't get that.

The argument about "killing" potential, that we as a society are removing the potential of these children, is naive and biased. True, an unborn child has amazing potential to be great, but also amazing potential to be bad. Beyond the socioeconomic class or emotional state of the family they are born into, a baby is essentially a blank slate. ANYTHING can happen. It's not about killing children, it's about family planning so that all kids can received the love, comfort and attention that President Obama did.

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