Friday, January 30, 2009

Impeachment special

Yesterday we saw the end of a Governorship. I really didn't think it would happen in this fashion and as quickly as it had. It just goes to show, how bad the political establishment wanted Blagojevich gone!

I followed as much of yesterday's proceedings as I could. Barring the fact that I had to be in class today. I missed most of the opening argument of the state House prosecutor and I saw most of the Governor's closing statement.

It was a rant and it reeked of just another campaign speech by the Governor. To me it seemed like he wanted to continue campaigning. Of course that may be part of the problem. Instead of solving the important problems of the state he seeks to look for the next major accomplishments that will look good on campaign literature.

Unfortunately for the Governor his last ditch effort was later met with a 59-0 vote that was in favor of his removal from office and barring him from ever running for office again in Illinois. Wow! What a way to go out!

As a matter of fact the next post today will take a look at his temperament. I make a comparison between him and another former Governor, Eliot Spitzer! Besides a good question that should come out of it is that what if he had a less combative approach with the state legislature.

In any case, Illinois is now under Pat Quinn today. I wish him the best of luck because he has to face serious problems that the previous Governor failed to solve. Hence this graphic I created. He worked fast to remove Blagojevich's images and name off the state of Illinois website. He may have wortk to do to remove Blago's name off of state signs.

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