Saturday, October 11, 2008

Another way of looking at this new CPS gay high school

Courtesy of Crimefiles who says:
I applaud the idea of a place where they kids can focus on their education without fear. Unfortunately what this really says is Chicago has surrendered to the fact that they can’t control violence in their schools.

That tells me that other kids will continue to be targets for juvenile criminals Chicago refuses to deal with. I can imagine the Gay school will also attract a number of straight students pretending to be gay just to escape extortion and sexual predators in problem schools.
If students are being harrased for any reason. There are fights in a school or anyother disrespect of other students at a school then solve that problem instead of creating another school effectively segregating a group of students. Shouldn't the Chicago Public School build a safe educational environment for all students?

Read this for some background and I've opined on this new Pride High School here on this blog as well.

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