Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A video of a frustrated man

I liked to watch the vids Ira Gallen posts on YouTube. Either classic film footage or perhaps footage of what you might have seen on TV back in the 1950s and 60s. His job was to basically preserve old films and old TV programs. You can also visit his website TVDays.com.

Every now and then I'd find that his videos were taken offline. Someone out there will claim copyright infringment and then YouTube will remove not only the offending material, but the account itself. In fact once I wrote a blog about what happened to PubDef sometime in 2007 regarding their fair use of a news report in St. Louis.

Anyway I just thought you'd enjoy this and I hope this would be a complimentary post since I hadn't posted all day. Oh and also check out this playlist of NYC videos in the 1980s and this was also shot by Ira Gallen who seems to be pretty handy with a camera. It made me look up old camcorders as well as. It even made me look up current camcorders on the market but that's another post.

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