Monday, April 28, 2008

Wright: Criticism an attack on black church

From today's Sun-Times...
A brash Rev. Jeremiah Wright--longtime pastor to Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) --on Monday said the controversy over his inflammatory comments--threatening Obama's presidential bid--were really "an attack on the black church."

"As I said, this was an attack on the black church. It was not about Obama, McCain, Hillary, Bill, Chelsea; this was about the black church. This was about Barbara Jordan. This was about Fannie Lou Hamer. This was about my grandmama," Wright said at the National Press Club.

Well I have often taken the criticism leveled at Obama and Rev. Wright in that way. However this is not to say the black church doesn't have its problems. I could also say that this isn't about the black church, but also about comments that he's made. Not all black churches or ministers have made statements not much different than he's made.

Still I think a lot of this hoopla is somewhat ignorant. I still think attacking Trinity as racist is wrong. Of course if this is about Rev. Wright then go after the Rev don't go after his congregation even Sen. Obama. Though I must say for all the statements Wright has made over the years, it's fair to question the role the reverend has made in the senator's life.

I still call it a dead horse when we can attack Obama on more substantial issues that are certainly of greater importance to this country than a man, his pastor, and their church. What about Obama's stances on taxes, health care, or education? Wright if correct when he says he's not on the ballot and he's been running for Jesus a long, long time.

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Anonymous said...

Criticism is a form of letting someone knowthat they have gone astray from what is deemed morally correct. I think that Wright has gone far over the edge here. Criticizing his words does not mean that the entire African-American churches are criticized (by the way, why is African American more politically correct? are they not Americans just like the rest of us?). If you want God to d-n America, then why do you even live here? Go wherever else, but leave your attacks on this country at the door if you want to show support for freedom.

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