Monday, April 28, 2008

Beleaguered gov singing different tune

I've taken an interest in my governor. I've never voted for him perhaps because I've often had an anti-Democratic bias. Still there are much better reasons to not like him all one has to do is read the papers.

For instance read Carol Marin's column I saw something in that column that certainly caught my eye...
Maybe it was all the money he raised in the beginning. He had a stunning $22 million for his first race and has collected a total of $55 million since 2000, thanks in part to Rezko and the also-indicted Christopher Kelly. Blagojevich, say those who know him, believed he didn't need to court the Legislature if he had the cash to take his populist message directly to the people. Health care. Higher minimum wage. Tuition credits.
So that's why he has no interest in working with the legislature on his proposals? All that money isn't helping him to achieve these wonderful things he wants for us. Unfortunately my guess is that he doesn't care about these things. His only concern is making himself look good and/or advancing himself.

Let's also not forget that his associate, Tony Rezko, mentioned in this column is on trial. I've predicted that this could hurt Blagojevich more than another Rezko associate, Barack Obama. The reason for the being that Blagojevich seems to have gained the most from his relationship with Rezko with Obama however the problem is a matter of association. Still along with the money Rezko raised for Blagojevich and the possibility that his fundraising prowess translated into possible influence in that administration.

Either way especially with the revelations coming out of the Rezko trial people are discussing the possibility of impeachment. This is something that the Democratic-controlled General Assembly should look into this at least. Also because of the governor's horrible relationship with a Democratic-controlled General Assembly or more accurately the House of Representatives.

Oh let me just add there is certainly blame all around for the problems in Springfield between the legislature and the governor. Some might blame the state house Speaker and others might blame the state senate President and his alliance with the governor. And we can certainly look at the senate President and his ability to break promises in order to stay in the camp of an unpopular governor.

Like I said blame is around the state house. Hopefully someone might show some maturity and if they don't then it won't matter if there may be a constitutional convention in the works within the next two years. Hopefully that will change the governmental dynamics in this state.

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