Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Where do people come up with this?

Sometime last week, I saw this on the comments section over at the Illinois Review. They had a post about the possible Con-Con that Illinois voters will vote on in November at which time they will also vote for the next President of the United States. I wonder what kind of mind comes up with what this commenter does...
Con-Con could
- Recognize the state is responsible to care for everyone and especially for the children
- Recognize that parents are only agents of the state to implement the policies of the state.
- Recognize that each of us must participate in social justice by contributing to others success based on the level of our own success.
I wish I knew the mentality of a person who wants to abdicate all of their responsibilities to someone else. That someone else being the state. Such a person is putting more of his faith in an institution that might just as soon betray their trust as earn it.

I have to ask if the state has disappointed you so often in such areas as foreign affairs, education, health care, public safety, etc., what makes one think the state is able to take care of people? And I should also ask what policies must parents be allowed to implement as agents of the state does the state know best or the parents? Oh and I think I get the idea of the last point one way to achieve that and I'm not giving them ideas they already want "income redistribution".

Sometimes people can be blind in the pursuit of, I don't know, "utopia" or this ideal society that it seems that no one has really thought this thru.

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