Monday, March 03, 2008

Teen Fatally Shot In Argument Over Boy

This has got to be very sad. A girl willing to kill another girl over some dude! These stories aren't that common thankfully, but it's all so senseless.

I remember a story many years ago. A woman was just about to graduate from Loyola, but she had a boyfriend who apparently had an 18 year old woman as his other woman. This 18 year old killed the other woman. Surely that young lady is in prison in life because she was willing to kill for her man.

If I ran into a lady like that I think I'd run very far away from her. Let some other crazy handle her, because I don't need it. Story from Channel 2...

A teenager was killed walking to her grandmother's house, caught-up in an apparent dispute over a boy.

CBS 2's Joanie Lum reports there's every indication the honor student was not the intended target of the young woman who fired the gun.

Kimberly Marsh's 15-year old daughter, Kadeidrah Marsh, whom they called Dee Dee, made cards, posters and calendars for her family.

"She was loving, caring, happy-go-lucky all the time," Marsh said.

Dee Dee was walking with her two older sisters to her grandmother's house in the 800 block of North Waller Sunday when a young woman yelled at all of them. Their mother says the woman had a dispute with one of Dee Dee's sisters over a boy.

"Every time my daughters visit their grandma, this girl she would make threats to 'em," Marsh said.

Witnesses say the woman pulled out a gun and fired at the group.

"This girl was trying to shoot my oldest daughter. Dee Dee jumped in front of her."

The shooter walked away, and neighbors called for help.

"It's just very unfortunate for someone so young to lose their life so early, a young lady with a lot of potential," said neighbor Kymberley Pickett.

Dee Dee was an honor student at Orr High School. Chicago Public Schools chief Arne Duncan says this past weekend was disturbingly violent.

"We've had eight Chicago public school children shot, three of them killed," he said.

Duncan called for tougher gun laws in reaction to the violence.
Duncan just shut up and run the schools! Someone who is determined to shoot someone will find a way to shoot that so and so tougher gun laws or not.

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