Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Yes, that really was Daley on the phone

Mayor Daley volunteering on the phone banks for the Obama campaign. Believe that, even a powerful big city mayor can volunteer his time. Let that be a lesson to those of you who wants to be involved. Sometimes being a volunteer is that extra effort needed. From the Sun-Times...
With one hand clutching a telephone and his other touching his notes, the caller casually says: "Hello, this is Mayor Daley. I'm calling on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama. . . .

"Yes, it is really Mayor Daley."

It was a scenario Daley would repeat as he joined dozens of volunteers Monday night to work the phones at an Obama campaign office downtown.

"Almost nobody believes Mayor Daley called him," Daley quipped. " 'You must be kidding.' ''

Daley told some callers that he "endorsed Sen. Obama for president because he is a leader that can inspire hope and change in our country."

Aside from making calls, Daley gave a brief pep talk to Obama's volunteers and worked the crowd at the headquarters at 300 W. Adams. Many volunteers wanted their pictures taken with the mayor. Others simply wanted to shake his hand.

Daley told the group that volunteers are important in helping candidates succeed.

"Democracy is all about volunteerism," Daley said. "I wish you the best, and we are going to win."
The Obama campaign is correct in not taking anything for granted. They are smart to do so where others probably would just think they have an election in the bag. It's especially good after this dustup between Obama and Clinton over race over the past weekend.

It doesn't sound like a big deal it sounds like a misunderstanding and some quotes taken out of context. I'm saying this as not a big fan of either candidate. Tho I'm very much less of a fan of Hillary than Obama.

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