Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Black Establishment And Obama

A post from The Daily Dish where a reader chimes in on how Sen. Obama's candidacy is doing amongst the more powerful blacks in this country...

Why should anyone be surprised that the "leading figures" in the Black establishment are at best cool to Obama's candidacy, and at worst, are openly hostile to it.

For years there has been an iron triangle of racial politics in the Democratic party. The largely white party establishment has banked on the loyal support of black voters (easily its most reliable source of voters since the mid-1960's), which is turned out and kept loyal by a clique of "black leaders." These black leaders have used this power to produce votes to promote agendas which they have felt benefitted their constituents, but they have also used this power to obtain a great deal of personal wealth and status (probably more important than the money).

Obama breaks this triangle.

He appeals directly to the average black voter. His appeal is so obvious and great that he potentially renders the "black leadership" irrelevant and unnecessary. When this happens, where is the incentive for "grassroots campaign building" contributions and "get out the vote" contributions, or as they are referred to among Democratic party pros, "gift offerings"? There is none.

As badly as the Clintons may want to beat Obama, the black establishment MUST beat him. It promises to get nastier before it gets better.

Well ever since he started his campaign this has been an issue. That was what the whole is Obama black enough is all about. Those already in power are seeking to maintain it, there isn't a big priority amongst them to elect a black man president. Plus I'm sure most of them are big fans of the Clintons almost buddy like or familial. This in addition to the average black person.

The only thing that could break this alliance is the younger black voter. They seem to be more for Obama than the older group. I'm not going to try to nail down a demographic group for this without being able to compile the necessary data. What I can do is say that most black leadership or establishment is roughly late 40s to maybe 70s. For Obama they may be college aged students. In between in a good question I need data.

Anyway hat-tip to the Capitol Fax and there are other Obama stories there for your perusal.

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