Friday, January 18, 2008

Former County Board President John Stroger dies!

The Capitol Fax linked to the story from a CBS 2 article this morning. His son currently sits in his County Board President's seat I would say is having difficulty filling Mr. Stroger's big shoes but let me just leave that aside for the moment.

My mother told me a story once about going to a local cleaners Tailo-rite not too long before that fateful primary in 2006. He was elected the Democratic nominee for county board president just about a week after he had his stroke. He would later resign his position at the county and his nomination and almost a month later then 8th Ward Alderman Todd Stroger was selected in his place for the Democratic nomination.

Anyway back to Tailo-rite. My mother was being waited on but the clerk on duty there saw another man dropped everything and got their order and this man was on his way. This man was in fact John Stroger's driver and he was there to pick up Stroger's dry cleaning. This was certainly before his stroke.

You know I want to share some other posts about him and his legacy sans the 2006 election and aftermath of course. Some could be seen as negative and other probably more positive. May the old man rest in piece he may have been a Daley supporter but at least he was an equal. I mean that in a sort of he was a political boss type of way.

John Stroger's endorsement record in black and white
8th Ward Democratic Organization


dave said...

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The Capitol Fax actually broke the news linking to a CBS 2 article.

How did Capitol Fax break the story if they did it by linking to a story that already existed about it?

Levois said...

Are you being a critic? Either way I'll change the language the only thing I was trying to say was that I saw the CBS story on Capitol Fax first.

Third Generation Chicago Native said...

The thing that sits wrong with most people is how his sudden illness was not truthfully told, and how his son was able to inherit his position. Actually a lot was wrong with how Bill Beavers came over from his Alderman Post to get John Stroger's CC district, and how his daughter inherited his Ward.
Actually the replacing of John Stroger and all the other replacing, of people who moved around after his stroke is unsettling.
Also when Physcians at Rush University Medical sneek in and out the back way, in the ally using service elevators during John Stroger's initial Hospitalization after the incident was also unsettling.
Just so many uncanny backdoor happenings surrounding the replacing of John Stroger were just plain upsetting for many in the county.

Third Generation Chicago Native said...

Yes unfortunately all of these events after John Stroger's illness is what stands out in people's minds the most.

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