Thursday, February 02, 2006

John Stroger's endorsement record in black and white

This year also features a race in Cook County for the County Board Presidency. John Stroger who is also the 8th Ward Democratic Committeeman is facing in his primary Cook County Commissioner Forrest Claypool. On the Republican side is another Cook County Commissioner, Tony Peraica.

I've seen this many times over the bloggosphere in Illinois that President Stroger has often failed to endorse a black candidate. He didn't endorse Mayor Harold Washington when he first ran for Chicago's mayoralty in 1983 (in he supported the current Mayor Richard M. Daley in the primary), he didn't endorse a black candidate in 1989 (this was almost a couple of years after Mayor Washington's death in 1987) he endorsed he winner of that election Mayor Daley, and he didn't even endorse the current Senator Barack Obama instead opting for Dan Hynes.

So I found his endorsement history from Eric Zorn's blog. Apparenly according to his post, Stroger is attempting to inject race into the picture while juxtaposing Stroger's own record of who he endorses. It doesn't appear to be a good record. Unfortunately I can't say that Stroger will be unseated even if this record was as clear as day. Stroger may be powerful himself but there are other interests that may help to keep him as Cook County Board President.

Oh yeah I've seen posts or columns or perhaps an article that suggests that Obama may become a boss of sorts. We all know why he's popular and probably has a lot of political capital. I think the reference come from the fact that he was involved inendorsing a candidate for state treasurer. I'll find that item if I can.

In any event in the case of Sen. Obama I suppose because Stroger failed to endorse Obama. Then according to items in Blogginois but mainly from Zorn's blog the junior Senator from Illinois is going to stay neutral in this election for County Board President. I wonder what this could mean and if Stroger might not be well served by that.

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