Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ben Wallace is joining the affordable sneaker movement

I never follow the NBA. I haven't since the Bulls last won their NBA title, but today is a special day because I want to talk about sneakers. Yes sneakers.

When I was in high school the big news often was when are these new Jordans coming out. I heard some guy talking about how if he can get these shoes today it's all over. It almost seemed like people waiting for the Nintendo Wii during the last Christmas season.

Well I showed a video of a man visiting a bank talking about saving his money instead of spending them on expensive basketball sneakers. Yeah the man is from My Urban Report make a visit. And then this.

From Gaper's Block, Chicago Bulls center Ben Wallace has lent his support to a line of affordable sneakers...
Stephon Marbury started it. Now, Ben Wallace is joining the cause.

Wallace is lending his name to the Starbury Movement, endorsing an affordable line of sneakers and apparel started by the New York Knicks' star. Wallace will begin wearing the Starbury II basketball shoe Thursday when the Chicago Bulls play his former team, the Detroit Pistons. And his own sneaker -- Big Ben -- is expected to hit the market in late August or the fall.

"Kids don't really understand what it takes to go out and buy a $300 pair of shoes," Wallace said at a news conference on Tuesday. "We don't understand the pressure we put on our parents when we're growing up. This is one of the things where I think the parents will appreciate it a lot more than the kids right now because it eliminates so much stress from the parents. All parents want to see their kids have nice things."

Now if only we can get these kids to think about school and how to dress on a job interview. Instead of them thinking about a pair of athletic shoes that they're not likely to ever play a sport in. Still maybe we do need to move away from expensive athletic shoes.

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We need more folks talking about stories like this. Keep it up, and thanks for the mention.

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