Tuesday, March 27, 2007

World of political blogs

I've been looking around the world of political weblogs. I have been particularly immersed in them since 2006. I'm in the world of Illinois political blogs now. And even though Illinois has been the focus for the most part it pays to look around the country.

I was checking out the websites that make up the Hotline Political Network. And there are many interesting sights of different content and styles. Only a precious few are actually blogs most others are actually databases of stories and link sites.

Through JohnCombest.com, I found this blog called PubDef.net. It has a video companion called PubDef.tv. I like PubDef as something of St. Louis' answer to the Capitol Fax Blog. The site is almost like it except with the originally produced videos and on the side the sight owned does operate a buiness that helps political candidates. Still this is a political site that has content and is very well designed. Full service in many ways, a step up in the world of political blogging.

Also I want to point out the Alabama affiliate of the Hotline Political Network, Doc's Political Parlor and Home of Lawn Mower Repair. My goodness that site is so down home I can imagine the authors drinking some cold ones while digging up the day's political news. A very southern site if I say so. It sticks out only because it doesn't seem very professional but I guess that's the one thing that keeps me coming back. There's no pretension about that place unlike most of the other sites on the Hotline Political Network.

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