Wednesday, March 28, 2007

GOP angry over Gerson's removal

Oh my, the Republican scene no matter how small it really is in Chicago is interesting. If you follow Repulican news in Illinois you might have heard about this. Almost a shame especially since in Chicago and Cook County Republicans are basically irrelevant. Check out this post from last year during the County Board President's race.

I've seen a couple of open letters for this and this article from Skyline Chicago about the controversy over the 42nd Ward GOP organization's committeman. Let's have a look...
Can you hear the 42nd Ward's GOP elephants trumpeting, in protest of the unexpected removal of recently-appointed Republican Committeeman, Eloise Gerson?

Gerson was recently appointed and then removed from the non-paid, elected position. Now, immediate past committeeman Rich Gordon is, "respectfully demanding" that the person responsible for her removal, Cook County Republican Central Committee chairman Liz Gorman, reinstate Gerson "Immediately."

"The 42nd Ward and Eloise Gerson are one of the few bright spots in the Republican party that actually produced results," said Gordon, who was elected in 2000, and re-elected in 2004.

Gordon resigned as committeeman in January due to business reasons, with the recommendation and stipulation that 42nd Ward GOP president, Gerson, be appointed to fill the remainder of his term, which would be up early next year.

According to Gordon, at that time, Gary Skoien, then-chairman of the Cook County Republican Party, appointed Gerson to be the 42nd Ward's GOP Committeeman. (When committeeman vacancies occur, the county chairman of the applicable party appoints the replacement, Gordon said.)

When Skoien stepped down as chairman in February because of his wife's health, a special election was held to replace him, and Cook County Commissioner/Orland Township Committeeman Gorman was elected. Within weeks of assuming the office, she removed Gerson.

According to Gordon, Gerson has played a "central role" in developing the 42nd Ward Regular Republican Organization into, "one of the most effective Republican organizations in Cook County. "

"In her capacity as the president of the organization, she has been a tireless worker and has served 42nd Ward Republicans in an outstanding manner," Gordon said.

He added that Gerson has been "both a leader and an engine," helping to distribute thousands of pieces of Republican campaign literature and sponsoring seminars and candidate debates. She has been a fixture at meetings of 42nd Ward community organizations.

Gerson, who has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Republican candidates, serves on the Leadership Committee of the Republican Jewish Coalition, and, until her removal, was one of only two Republican Jewish ward committeemen, Gordon said. She has also been a delegate to the Republican National Convention and served as the Republican Jewish Coalition liaison to the Judy BaarTopinka campaign.
Hmmm, you know this same Gorman was pivotal at the county during the budget debates in the past couple of months. She supported a budget that resulted in the layoffs of many workers. Especially healthcare workers and prosecutors. So in her own party she is being attacked for her role in that.

Let's continue so for whatever reason she removed a committeeman from her position despite all she has done for her party. Why was she removed? Let's see what is being said on that...
According to Gerson, she was removed because she wouldn't change her vote from another candidate to Gorman. She said she received a call prior to the election from a Gorman supporter warning that if she didn't vote for Gorman and she won the race, she could be "unappointed as committeeman."

But, "My word is my bond," said Gerson, a Streeterville resident. "I can't flip-flop."
Then here are the excuses...
Yet Gorman said she removed Gerson, due to a "drastic decline," in Republican numbers.

"We're just looking to make a change," Gorman said, although she admitted the last election was a, "Democratic tsunami," and that Republican numbers are down.

Gorman said she was looking for a "professional change," and "Someone to bring the party together. She said she received a tremendous amount of support on the decision, calling it, "A move in the right direction.

"The decision has been made and I'm sure Eloise will run in the next election," Gorman said. "It was a very calculated decision. I sat back and looked at the numbers. There have been no brochures or outreach in the ward for several years.

"It was time for a change," Gorman said. "It's a good decision and I stand by it."
The position of 42nd Ward GOP committeeman is a rudderless position right now, because no one is sitting in that seat. Rich Gordon, whom Gerson succeeded says this...
Gordon called Gorman's reasoning ridiculous, and said everyone's vote has gone down, including hers. The 42nd Ward has the second highest vote in the city, behind only the 41st ward on the Northwest Side, Gordon said.
Hmmm, last year Peraica and no doubt other county Republicans were talking about how Chicago and Cook County needs a two party system. Well infighting like this isn't helping the situation. The Cook County GOP needs work.

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