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Pictures of a sleeper car roomette

Going back to the vault. This time republishing some posts that I made at My Mind's Eye (The Eye). Remember that blog, I would do some things differently over there and try to be more creative. Thinking about reactivating that site, but for now I want to post some other blogs from there. This post was published on December 28, 2006. Enjoy!

You may want to know how much this costs. Basically you have to pay an accomodation fee in addition to a coach seat fare. And the final price depends on when you purchase a ticket or when you make a reservation. It may be expensive if you're planning your trip say a month or so in advance but the closer to the trip you get the cheaper a sleeper room will be. I am talking about first class after all.

In any case, you may be able to buy a ticket and start with a coach fare but say if you give them your contact info and/or if you ask, they'll allow you to change your accomodations before your trip. In addition to that if you're already on the train you can change your accomodations while you're actually on the train. Who can beat that right?

Well what does having first class accomodations mean on Amtrak anyway, other than the usual bed on a train instead of a coach seat. Well your first class charges will include complimentary meals (breakfast, dinner, and lunch) and complimentary bottled water, orange juice, and coffee. No more going to the lounge car for those basic things, although if you need a snack you still have to go back there and get that.

I will say next time I'm either going to get a room by myself or get a larger room. It'll be fun. Or perhaps I should get used to a small roomette for a while longer.

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Cal Skinner said...

Fascinating advice.

We went to Denver on a sleeper in 2005. I'd like to take another trip, but the price was pretty steep.

Maybe you have outlined a strategy that would work.

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