Saturday, July 08, 2006


I only write about this because of a documentary about Chicago Cubs great and broadcaster Ron Santo. Apparently this was filmed during the 2003 season when the Cubs were close to winning the pennant until the curse of the goat kicked in with Steve Bartman (who was strangely enough not mentioned in this movie). In any case this was about the man who has diabetes and the film dealt with that and then the Hall of Fame talk. So many players and sports journalists say he should be in the Hall of Fame and he has the stats but for what ever reason he never gets in. Some of his fellow Cubs players from his era would say that it is a shame that they never were able to get into the playoffs. In fact the closest they got was 1969.

All the same I want to talk a little baseball here. I love the sport more than I love say basketball. Yeah baseball has controversy especially with regards to steroids but unfortunately it seems to be basketball has more drama. I won't get into what basketball has but I will say that baseball is a lot more exciting a sport than basketball. Home runs, great catches, and pitches excite me more than a steal, rebound, or a three pointer.

Now I want to talk about the last few years in Chicago baseball. I just saw the Cubs get close to a world series while their cross town rival Chicago White Sox actually won the world series. I've been watching both teams since I was nine. Both teams have found their way into the playoffs at different moments or another. In fact in 2003, the Cubs and Sox almost were close to being in the playoffs at the same time, except the Sox collapsed toward the end.

Also I still love that 2003 team that almost made the world series. That is still my favorite period even though a couple of years later I had to reconsider my allegiance. I haven't although early in my life I was surely a Sox fan then there was a strike in 1994 and I lost interest in baseball.

The strike ended mercifully a terrible year for the Cubs but unfortunately ended the White Sox's drive to the playoffs. Of course the Sox lost their momentum from 1994 and they were struggling for the rest of the decade. But I've grown to admire, through their internet community, there resolve in following their team. They definitely do not pretend that there is a curse on their team like Cubs fans seem to. Indeed some would claim that Cubs fans doesn't care how their team does on the field, they'll buy tickets to Wrigley Field no matter what.

All the same it hurts to see that the Cubs may not likely get into the playoffs again this year. Right now the White Sox has their moment in the sun for who knows how long. I had sincerely hoped for a cross town series this year it would have been 100 years since the last all Chicago world series. I'm still hoping for one, I'd be beside myself.

In light of the news with regards to the Tribune Company who knows if the Cubs are on sale. On top of that there are even speculation on whether Dusty Baker, the Cubs manager, will even remain the manager and will be replaced next year. No knock against Baker I really think he's a great manager but it may not be working out with the Cubs.

Either way the history of Chicago baseball is getting more and more interesting by the minute. At least thus far.

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