Saturday, July 08, 2006

Detective Works New Lead In Sisters' Disappearance

I heard about this story a few days ago on Channel 2. I've been meaning to post about this but I haven't until now. I hope something comes of this new tip.

Basically these two girls Tionda (was 10 but would now be 15 years old) and Diamond Bradley (was 3 but would now be 8 years old) disappeared from their south side apartment in July 2001. The anniversary of their disappearance was on Thursday. Check out a piece of this story...

[Detective Maria] Biggane says she got a phone call last week from a woman who said she had a dream about the girls, but Biggane thinks the dream may be an excuse just to talk and what the woman said got the detective's attention.

"It makes me believe they are alive," she said. "Some of the information is credible, which makes me want to pursue this lead a little bit farther."

The tip is also encouraging to the sisters' family. They declined to comment, but friends say they remain hopeful.
I sincerely hope these girls are found alive.

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