Thursday, May 18, 2006

I was watching Tyra today...

It was much more interesting than I thought it would be. Can you believe that in doing this episode she was processed like any other inmate? She has to strip naked, then bend over, cough and some other things before she got into prison. How humiliting and cold, unfortunately I can only imagine what other convicted criminals go through when they go through these motions. I'm sure some guys were thinking how hot Tyra naked being checked out by prison guards, but don't forget that this is what a human being goes through who has been convicted of a crime. This may seem like a turn on but it won't be if a woman realizes what she is going through when she loses her freedom. This just has to be humiliating for any human being.

That being said a story caught my attention. A woman was convicted of possession of drug paraphernalia. She called the police to tell them that some one had broken into her house and it turns out that she had drugs in there. They arrested her although it was her boyfriends drugs but it didn't matter. It was HER home.

This was an episode of COPS once. A girl was stopped drugs was found in the car and then they found her boyfriend, who actually owned the drugs, but he let his girlfriend take the fall for it. The officers knew what was up but there wasn't much they can do. The girlfriend was left in the back of the squad car to yell, scream and cry about the fact that her cowardly boyfriend left her out to dry.

If there is a lesson in this it is to watch who YOU make friends with. I had to look up some information on drug possession this is what I found disturbing...
Some jurisdictions have mandatory minimum drug possession laws, which dole out punishments for possession in cases regardless of specific circumstances in a case. Mandatory minimum drug possession laws do not take into account a defendant’s background, involvement in the crime, or threat to society when determining punishment.
This is really a good reason to watch the company you take.

Also there was another unfortunately story. One of the ladies Tyra met in a California women's prison was a daughter whose mother gave her up after they both plotted to kill an abusive boyfriend. Man not only you have to watch your friends, you have to realize you can't trust no one, even sometimes your mother.

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