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One man TV network...

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A good article from TCS Daily on the possibility that video may kill text-blogging. It may not be that serious but this is a good article on this. Hey imagine this. If you video-blog, this may lead to a big time gig in the future. Who knows.

So check this out, Brain-Terminal's Evan Coyne Maloney makes these comments...
Ten years ago, the expense associated with putting together even the most rudimentary online video would have put it out of reach for most people. Even if you had your own camera, you probably didn't have video editing software or a computer capable of running it. If you did have access to an editing suite, then you probably didn't have sufficient bandwidth to make the resulting video available online. And even with unlimited bandwidth, the people on the other end -- the potential viewers -- probably didn't have enough bandwidth to watch what you made. Today, however, none of those are limiting factors. You can buy a usable consumer-level DV camera for around $500. You can buy a "pro-sumer" DV camera for under $3000. You can even shoot in high-definition HDV for under $5000.

And near-ubiquitous bandwidth availability is also a factor. Although high-speed broadband has been available in most corporations for a few years, broadband is just beginning to penetrate the home market in large numbers. This means that we're really at the very beginning stages of mass viewing of online videos. We haven't hit the inflection point yet, but I suspect we'll see, within a few years, the same massive growth with online video that we saw with the web in the mid-1990s. Eventually, maybe 10 years from now, we'll have full-screen, full-motion on-demand high-definition video available directly to the home [via the Web]. That's the ideal video delivery platform, and if we're still a decade away, it means there's plenty of room to grow in this market.
Then there's Glen Reynolds from Instapundit which has podcasts now talking about whether video-blogs may overrun text blogs...

"No, I think they're different markets, just like TV didn't end radio. I like to listen to an audio podcast in the car; I can't watch a video podcast while driving. And you can skim a text-oriented blog and get all the information you want in short order, and you can't really do that with either type of podcast. Everybody is saying that text is faster, and that's true."
Also just look at Evan Coyne Maloney as an example. His first video at has gotten him some attention on radio shows and cable news. Even better this had lead him into making a full length documentary. Perhaps this is the same for you. One more parting quote from this article...

Sooner or later, a vblog will be picked up by a cable TV channel, along the same lines as Fox News offering a TV show to blogging predecessor Matt Drudge in the late 1990s. Radio talkers such as Don Imus and Howard Stern have shows on cable TV that are little more than video rebroadcasts or simulcasts of their radio shows; why can't cable channels do the same for vbloggers?

Which of course is a powerful incentive for videobloggers: just as numerous text-oriented bloggers have made the jump to op-eds and articles, a professional-appearing vblog could be a powerful "audition reel" for a very big-league gig. If Dan Rather could host a TV show for 25 years, why not you?

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