Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Era of Big Government Just Might Be Over

Just imagine this. People realize that big government is not always the answer anymore. The observation made by the Rush Limbaugh program yesterday on that perscription drug benefit passed back in about 2003...
"Millions Not Joining Medicare Drug Plan. Despite Outreach, Poor Seniors Miss Out On Low-Cost Coverage -- A $400 million campaign by the Bush administration to enroll low-income seniors in prescription drug coverage that would cost them just a few dollars per prescription has signed up 1.4 million people, a fraction of the 8 million eligible for the new coverage. At this rate, by some calculations, the government is on track to spend about $250 for each person it enrolls, and even then it would have only 2 million poor senior citizens taking advantage of what is perhaps the most generous government benefit available today."
Oh and here's the next example from Rush about New Orleans and the efforts to rebuild that city after Hurrican Katrina...

"Public housing residents who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina are not welcome to return to the city unless they are willing to work, three members of the New Orleans City Council have said. At a meeting of the council's housing committee on Monday, City Council President Oliver Thomas said that for too long government programs and agencies have 'pampered' rather than improved lives." See, they know they can't build it back the way it was. They had allowed a welfare state to exist, its own self-contained welfare state and they know they can't do that.

"Consequently, former residents who don't want 'to roll up their sleeves' are better off staying away, he said. 'We don't need soap opera watchers right now,' Thomas said. 'We're going to target the people who are going to work. It's not that I'm fed up, but that at some point there has to be a whole new level of motivation, and people have got to stop blaming the government for something they ought to do.'" Oh, folks! Okay, so nobody wants the big Medicare deal, Katrina report says government screwed up, now city council members in New Orleans say to rebuild the city we've got to not have soap opera watchers, we have people that gotta stop blaming and depending on the government. So they are admitting that liberalism failed and liberalism fails.

"When he finished, (when Oliver Thomas finished) Councilwomen Jacquelyn Brechtel Clarkson and Renee Gill Pratt said they backed Thomas' position. Clarkson said preference in public housing should be given to occupants who verify an intention to work. The remarks were confined to permanent public housing and had no bearing on efforts to get thousands of displaced residents into trailers scattered about the city." Well, I know they are. These are impeachable statements if you're a Democrat. These are statements that will get you disinvited to the next Democratic National Convention. These are statements that will have Jesse Jackson questioning your right to be a leader of a black community. But that, I think, is just a sign of how desperate things are. They know they have to downsize the plantation, and they can't sustain it the way it was. Folks, not only is it good news, it's sensible news. If you're going to rebuild a city, would you put in a call for welfare recipients first? "Okay, we want to rebuild our city. In fact, we want to build a new city. We're going to select a site, there isn't a city there, and the first people we want are welfare recipients. First people we want are people that are going to live in public housing and watch soap operas all day." No. You would not do that.

Imagine that. It has been determined that government failed in the Hurrican Katrina disaster before and after. People don't want a prescription drug entitlement through the government. There are people out there who are not happy about this because this may challenge their beliefs in an active government. That is why I didn't touch the Rush quote about how the statements of New Orleans city council members might have made an "impeachable statement" in the eyes of Democrats.

Millions Not Joining Medicare Drug Plan from Washington Post
Council member: No public housing for those who won't work from AKTC3

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Jim said...

The era of big government should come to a halt! Then and only then will the people of America prosper
beyond your wildest dreams. Big government serves only to line the pockets of crooked politicians and usurp the people of America. The people are run by the government not the other way around. Until all the people see this we will never be truly free.

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